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Administrative Security

Administrative Security
Administrative Security
Administrative Security

Safety and Security are priceless feelings, they are key elements of good life and production increase. Given this fact, all entities and companies find it necessary and fundamental to rely on security companies for maintaining their security and providing the necessary protection for individuals and facilities. From this standpoint, our company provides its clients needed protection of lives, assets, materials and monies by a qualified, highly trained, experienced and professional security team. The company is managed by distinguished former security commanders in the Egyptian armed forces and the ministry of interior, who provide excellent planning to provide appropriate security services for all entities, factories, banks and other working environments operating all over Egypt.

Security Guard equipment & gear:

  • Rubber Batons.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Walkie- talkies (2-way radio)
  • Firearms and blank hand guns (subject to nature of location, and to order)
  • CCTV system
  • Electronic gates.
  • Tasers.
  • Motion sensors.
  • Our points of excellence:

  • Punctuality.
  • Preserved security staff appearance (high quality uniforms)
  • Reciprocal respect between security staff, clients’ personnel and visitors.
  • Team-work and cooperation between security staff and clients’ personnel.
  • Personnel consistent development by providing continuous training, upgrading capabilities and enhancing skills.
  • Using the state-of-art technology
  • Applying our code of conduct and rules of confidentiality
  • Providing a proper financial and living environment for our personnel and ensuring their stability at work.
  • Private Security guards

    Private Guards

    Our company provides private security services through a qualified, highly trained, experienced and professional security team dedicated for the protection of lives and properties. Such services include provision of security to enterprises, businessmen, public figures and VIPs. Our security team strictly applies our code of conduct, unique professional attitude and self-restraint, and is extensively experienced in handling and following up different situations. The company is managed by distinguished experienced leaders providing the needed training and continuous follow-up to our security teams all the time.

    Training services


    Our company personnel is specialized and extensively experienced in the field of training and qualifying security staff, guards, industrial security and private security teams. Our training staff is fully ready for providing training courses to different sized security individual groups to act at any time and in different circumstances. Our training courses involve:

  • Administrative security.
  • Industrial security.
  • Firefighting.
  • Self-defense.
  • First-aid.
  • Dealing with the masses and handling legal obligations.
  • Various courses processes.
  • Search and investigation procedures.
  • Use of weapons.
  • Use of different equipment and devices.
  • Industrial Security

    Industrial Safety

    Our company provides industrial security services through a qualified, highly trained, professional certified security team in matters of occupational safety and health. Our industrial security teams are highly experienced in dealing with emergency situations, such as fires, earthquakes and natural catastrophes, in the protection of lives, assets and equipment and in emergency mapping. Our teams examine locations and sites in terms of available safety and security equipment, fire extinguishers of all types, develop emergency and evacuation plans for the protection of facilities and personnel, assess and analyze risks according to national and international standards, assess the effectiveness of equipment used in the production process and associated safety systems, and identify the hazardous materials used and stored in facilities and related potential risks. Moreover, our teams diagnose the organizational, technical and human risks that may lead to potential accidents and catastrophes, and provide individual and group surveillance, rescue, first-aid equipment, transportation and evacuation means to injured people, and create and use maps during crises, emergencies and catastrophes.

    Security Consultations


    Our company is extensively experienced in security consultations through a highly professional team providing its services to all entities in terms of:

  • Security of vital entities, facilities, companies, banks, residential compounds, touristic resorts and construction sites
  • Setting surveillance systems
  • Security of exhibitions, conferences and events
  • Security staff training
  • Event Organization & Management

    Event Management

    Our company provides its services in management and organization of various events all over the country through its specialized and broadly experienced and competent team:-

  • Sports events and championships.
  • Conferences.
  • Trade exhibitions and fairs.
  • Private parties.
  • Recreational events.
  • Trade events.
  • Festivals.